Sbostats was born on an afternoon in June 2014 out of my passion for English soccer.

Every year, usually in the third week of June, the football association draws the calendar of the future season of the Premier League, probably the best soccer league in the world.

A few hours later, on the main sports betting sites, the odds of the first three days of the championship came out, yes you read it right: not one, but three rounds. The fact is that the Premier League starts two months after the draw, with the whole summer market in front of it that can completely change the values of the teams. This showed that the bookmakers of sports betting, quote events assuming the risk of being wrong (which never happens), without waiting for all that information that the mass of players look at before placing a bet, such as disqualified, injured, the state of form of a team etc. ...

In Italy in recent years, we have had for example Juventus U23 that has been quoted even though it has never played a match in its history.

The day after the English draw, Andrea and I then decided to start monitoring the initial odds of over a hundred different soccer leagues, because one odds has a different history depending on the league. By doing so we are able to know at a specific initial price, how many times the match ended with a specific result (over, goal, exact result etc..). After 4 long and intensive years of work, we have published online Sbostats, the first platform of statistics on initial odds and training in sports betting. A new way of betting that helps to have more awareness before placing a bet.

“The first action to take to improve your sports betting results is to stop following the crowd”

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    My name is Luca Camossi, professional bettor since 2009 and founder of sbostats.com. I was a poker enthusiast, I played with friends and online without getting great results but knowing people who lived in poker, I started studying the phenomenon from a mathematical point of view to understanding the logic behind the success of these players. My passion was sports betting, this allowed me to enter the “tip & bank” market especially in horse racing and then move the focus on football odds developing a theory by analyzing the results at certain initial dimensions.

    Earnings from the early years allowed me in 2015, to become an entrepreneur in the industry with the opening of two sports betting agencies and since November 2017 I help players improve their results by teaching them the basic principles of betting by working on mental attitude and money management.
    There is no 100% winning method, there is the correct approach to achieving concrete results.

    Sports betting for me is the underlying product of an investment, it is not a game based on luck but I consider them as a par with poker and financial trading, if there are people who do profession means that it is feasible to do it.

    If you think everything is a matter of luck, I suggest you stop gambling right away because you will lose so much money over the years.

On this website there are no predictions and gambling is not encouraged.