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With Sbostats you bet in a more informed way, thanks to the world's largest archive of data
on initial bookmaker odds.

Access to a simple and intuitive app that allows you to create your betting slip in one click.
And get the best training in Italy to successfully apply investment techniques to betting.

Sbostats ecosystem

Fan di statistica

Piano free

Con il piano FREE accedi gratis a tutte le nostre statistiche innovative, sempre a portata di click (+290 tipologie).

Scegli il tuo bookmaker preferito

Confronta le migliori quote

All’interno di Sbostats potrai trovare i migliori bonus dei bookmakers (con licenza AAMS) e comparare le quote dei principali mercati, in modo da avere sempre la miglior quota a disposizione.

Premium services

Segui i pronostici degli esperti

Copia dai migliori

Con il piano COPY ottieni subito l'accesso anche a tutti i nostri pronostici, pubblicati ogni giorno con le nostre analisi e pronti per te.

Diventa un tipster professionista

Diventa Pro

Con il piano PRO sblocchi strumenti altamente professionali ed accedi anche alla community privata, dove teniamo dirette formative ogni giorno. Il luogo migliore per imparare, confrontarti con noi e far crescere i tuoi risultati come un campione.

Don’t try your luck, create it !

50 million data, with one click

More than 50 million data at your disposal, available in one click and based on the most accurate statistics in the world: the one on the bookmakers' initial odds.

A World of Sports.

Not only soccer, but also hockey, tennis and soon many other sports. Over 200 leagues worldwide, +290 types of bets, 12 months a year.

High level training.

Training courses for future betting champions and an exclusive Academy to learn the best investment techniques applied to sports betting. Together with a private community where you can learn and confront yourself, every day.

Incredible premium services.

Use our automated algorithm to analyze your data and save time, with over 75% winning analysis, access our forecasts of the day, and create your own informed coupon, all in one app.

How does it work? Simple.


With the FREE plan, you can access all our innovative statistics for free, always just a click away (+290 types).


With the COPY plan you also get immediate access to all our forecasts, published every day with our analyzes and ready for you.


Get expert assistance available to you, every day. Via email, Telegram or chat on the website. With real coaches ready to guide you.


With the PRO plan, you unlock highly professional tools and also access the private community, where we hold live training programs every day. The best place to learn, compare yourself with us and grow your results like a champion.

And finally…. ”Daily predictions”!

With the COPY plan you will have immediate access to the Predictions of the Day, where every day (schedule permitting) we upload a video with our match analysis and our prediction, which will help you to:

  • Analyze in a few moments a match and copy our same predictions and results
  • Discover new odds and multiply your winning and earning possibilities
  • Consistently making the most informed choice possible for each of your bets

Not only that: in the predictions section you will also find graphs that show you the performance of our forecasts over time - whether you want to risk little, have a medium or high risk. In practice, you see at any moment how much you earn by following our forecasts, applying the risk that makes you sleep more peacefully at night. For those who want to earn seriously, without wasting a minute and with everything available.

And the exclusive community. Where you can put the turbo.

Imagine a club where you learn how to win, with daily live training and where you will be surrounded by 1% of the Italian betting elite. People like you who have decided to make money, get serious when it comes to betting and have fun enjoying the results. Welcome to the PRO plan.

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By subscribing to Sbostats, you will have the possibility to contact the assistance via telegram, email or chat on the site, to ask for any information or clarify any of your doubts.
You also have at your disposal specific video guides that will help you to take your first steps.

Sbostats vs other services

World’s most comprehensive and reliable bookmakers’ database

Not only data, but also training to learn from the best

A community at you full disposal, always, for any question

Quick and reliable support

Innovative statistics

Other services

Lack of transparency and just promises

Odds are expensive and not very reliable

You are left on your own and not supported

Poor customer service support

Classic statistics equal on each portal

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4 and a half star quality

We put our face

Andrea Gorini has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and entered the world of betting thanks to his acquaintance with Luca, with whom he initially opened some sports betting agencies in Italy.
He is co-founder of Sbostats and in the company he holds the role of CEO and coordinator of the various collaborators working on the project.
Thanks to past experiences, together with Luca, he brings added value at the company management level with a particular eye to the customer and to strategic actions in line with the company mission.

Luca Camossi is the reference point in Italy for training on sports betting as an investment and not as a game of chance.
In addition to having founded Sbostats, he has produced numerous training courses including the ACADEMY, a path of annual growth in which he guides people to the creation of an effective and efficient method in sports betting.
To date he has trained hundreds of people who are improving their results in betting.
Contributing to the economic and personal improvement of others is what makes him happy every day.

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