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SBOSTATS hereby informs you about how we process the personal data we collect through cookies as you browse and use our website in compliance with our principles of transparency.


With regard to the processing of personal data, SBOSTATS guarantees that the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency, minimisation, purpose limitation and storage limitation will be observed and applied, implementing the appropriate security measures to ensure integrity and confidentiality and to prevent wrongful access by unauthorised third parties or personnel, for the protection of your privacy and rights.

Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:
  • to save your browsing preferences and optimise your browsing experience on the '' website;
  • to improve products and services offered by SBOSTATS on its website '';
  • to monitor the performance of products and services offered by SBOSTATS on its website '' and/or improve the technology;
  • to send personalised marketing messages, as described in the relevant policy;
  • to show users online advertising messages.
Your personal data will be processed exclusively for the purposes listed above, subject to your consent.
The data will be processed using IT tools, in compliance with personal data protection provisions and, in particular, security measures, and observing all precautionary measures that ensure their confidentiality and security.
The data you provide will be stored at the headquarters of the company SBOSTATS srl and on a cloud server hosted within the European Union.


Cookies are small pieces of data (strings) exchanged between a server and the web client. Specifically, they are files that a website sends to the visitor's browser and are saved on the user's device. These cookies are used by SBOSTATS and their partners for technical, statistical and/or profiling purposes, to provide automatic authentication, session tracking and storage of specific information regarding the users who access and browse the website ''.
This website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies are used to provide website functions or a service requested by the user. They are not used for further purposes and are normally installed directly by the website owner. This type of cookie does not require your consent. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and/or less secure, such as access to services protected by authentication where the presence of cookies allows the website to identify you and keep your identification within the session. The so-called 'analytics cookies' are also technical cookies, if they are used to optimise the site directly by the website owner, who may collect information on the number of users and how they visit the website in aggregate form
  • Google Maps Cookie: Strictly necessary technical cookie
  • Google Analytics Cookie: Analytical cookies for statistics system

Profiling cookies are used to track the user's surfing of the web and create profiles about their tastes, habits, choices, etc. With these cookies, advertisements can be sent to the user's device in line with any preferences they may have already expressed when browsing online. Profiling cookies can only be installed on users' devices if they have given their consent after having been informed in a user-friendly manner. No profiling cookies are used on ''.

These third party cookies are used to add certain popular social media features and provide them within the website. In particular, they allow you to register and authenticate on the website through Facebook and Google connect, share and comment on the website's pages on social networks, and enable the 'like' feature on Facebook and the '+1' feature on G+. Please find links to their respective privacy policy pages below.
  • Facebook, social media privacy policy
  • G+, social media privacy policy
  • Twitter, social media privacy policy


This website works best if cookies are enabled. You can still decide not to allow the setting of cookies on your computer. Enabling or disabling cookies is very simple and all browsers have special tools to do so. Here are the instructions for the main browsers in use. Google Chrome
  • Open Chrome and click on the menu icon in your browser toolbar;
  • select 'Settings' and then 'Show advanced settings' (at the bottom of the page);
  • under 'Privacy', click on the 'Content Settings' button to enable cookies and select 'Allow data to be saved locally'. If you wish to disable third-party cookies (and keep technical cookies enabled), check the 'Block third-party cookies and site data' option.
Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer, click on 'Tools' (gear icon) and then on 'Internet Options';
  • Use the slider to set the privacy level. Scroll down to allow cookies or up to block them.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Firefox, choose 'Tools' from the top menu and then 'Options'
  • select the 'Privacy' tab in the window that opens;
  • select 'Use custom settings' from the drop-down menu next to 'History settings';
  • Check the 'Accept cookies from sites' checkbox to enable cookies. If you want to disable third-party cookies (and keep technical cookies enabled) check the 'Never' option from the drop-down menu under 'Accept third-party cookies'.
  • Open Safari and click on 'Safari' in the top menu;
  • click on the 'Preferences' sub-item in the drop-down list;
  • select the 'Privacy' tab in the window that opens;
  • choose from the various options grouped under the heading 'Cookies and website data';
  • choose the 'Always allow' option to enable cookies. If you want to disable third party cookies (and keep technical cookies enabled) choose the 'Allow from websites I visit' option.

Mandatory or optional nature of data provision and consequences of non-acceptance Your data is provided on a voluntary basis. Disabling cookies does not affect access to the website or the game services offered on the website ''. However, the website may not function at its best if you disable cookies.


Pursuant to Privacy Regulations, you have the right to:
  • obtain confirmation as to whether your personal data is being processed and communicated or transferred to another Data Controller in an intelligible form;
  • obtain details on the source of the personal data, data categories processed, processing purposes and methods, data retention period and/or basis used to determine this period, logic involved and consequences for the person concerned when processing by electronic means;
  • obtain identification details of the Data Controller and the Data Processors;
  • obtain information about the subjects or subject categories that may receive the data or that may become aware of them in their capacity as designated representatives, managers or agents in the country;
  • update, amend or add to incomplete data concerning you;
  • the deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data that needs to be stored for the purposes for which it has been collected or subsequently processed;
  • the temporary limitation of the processing in case of inaccuracy of the data processed, until it has been verified, if you object to the processing and if it is necessary for the defence of a right and is no longer required by the Data Controller.
object in whole or in part:
  • on legitimate grounds, to the processing of your data, even if pertinent to the purposes for which it has been collected;
  • to the processing of your personal data, provided for the purposes of marketing information or for sending advertising materials or direct sales or for undertaking market research or marketing communication.
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a Supervisory Authority (Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali /Italian Data Protection Authority –
The above rights may be exercised by submitting a request to the Data Controller. The request may be sent to the Data Controller using the methods set out at the beginning of this notice.

This privacy notice relates exclusively to the services of SBOSTATS.

Last amended: 23 October 2018
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